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Sausage, kale & gnocchi one-pot
Plate up this delicious one-pot of sausage, kale and gnocchi in just 20 minutes, with just five minutes prep. Midweek...
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Cauliflower kedgeree
Try our low calorie cauliflower kedgeree with smoked haddock. This punchy meal is a wholesome weekend brunch or midwe...
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Nordic Breakfast Porridge
Much like a composed salad, this visually arresting Nordic-inspired bowl of porridge is a delightful way to start the...
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Creamy Lemon-Dill Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Casserole
Imagine this simple recipe as the casserole version of classic chicken noodle soup! The key to enhancing the flavor i...
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Vegan Smoothie Bowl
Eat this thick and creamy smoothie bowl with a spoon! Banana and frozen berries whip together with a little nut milk ...
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Mini Spinach Frittatas
People can't get enough of these pop-in-your-mouth mini frittatas. They're a cinch to make, freeze well and the recip...

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